EMS Mekorot Projects is a subsidiary of Mekorot, the National Water Company. EMS Mekorot Projects specializes in the creation of infrastructure and water, sewage and effluent systems and facilities.


The Company was founded in 1961 as EMS Electrical Mechanical Services. Upon completion of the reorganization at Mekorot in July 2008, the Company was renamed EMS Mekorot Projects, which more accurately reflects the full scope of the Company’s activities.


EMS Mekorot Projects is proud to be at the technological leading edge in every one of its fields of activity, including the laying of water and effluent pipelines, constructing and refurbishing reservoirs, building water reservoirs and installing floating covers, drilling boreholes, establishing pumping stations, manufacturing pumping equipment, setting up water treatment facilities, fluoridation and chlorination facilities, desalination plants and electro-dialysis plants, the manufacturing and installation of electrical boards, cathodic protection, command and control systems, treatment of sewage and effluent, monitoring and protecting water systems and facilities and seeding clouds to enhance rainfall.


In addition, EMS Mekorot Projects provides consulting services and project design and management services to its customers in Israel, and operates a pump testing institute.


Uncompromising Quality, Penetrating New Markets.


Thanks to our team of more than 600 skilled and dedicated professional personnel, the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and a high level of performance in each and every project, EMS Mekorot Projects is poised to provide quality solutions to the myriad of challenges facing Israel’s water industry. This high level of quality is maintained thanks to a stringent quality control system that ensures the consistently high level of all the Company’s products and services.


The Company also invests considerable resources and effort in expanding its customer base and in developing new markets. The Company offers full customization of the customers’ needs and turnkey management of projects.


EMS Mekorot Projects is a registered contractor with the highest classification in its field of activity. The Company operates in accordance with Israeli and international standards of quality, including ISO 9001, I. S. 2008 and ISO 18001 for safety.


Ems Mekorot Projects ranked in the Globes dun's 100 annual 2015

Ems Mekorot Projects information in the Globes dun's 100 annual 2015 

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