Please read these instructions and conditions carefully before entering this Web Site (hereafter: “the Site”) and note that the instructions and conditions of the Site’s integrated systems (suppliers and reverse tenders) should also be read carefully and thoroughly before being used.

Welcome to the instructions and conditions of theems Mekorot projects  Company, Ltd. (hereafter:ems mekorot projects) Web Site. ems Mekorot projects operates this Site in accordance with the following conditions and any changes ems Mekorot projects may periodically make. By entering and/or using this Site, you, the user, are deemed to have consented to the instructions and conditions of usage specified below and to be obligated by them.

ems Mekorot  projects reserves the right to change these conditions periodically with no notification. Any change in these conditions will appear on the Site. When you enter this Site and/or use it after any changes in the conditions, you agree that those changes in the conditions will also be binding upon you.


Site Updates

ems Mekorot projects has made a substantial effort to present you with an up-to-date Site including precise and reliable data, and reserves the right to change and update the information, including additions to the material and data presented on the Site, at any time, with no advanced notice.ems Mekorot projects does not promise, nor does it guarantee that the information on the Site will be accurate, current, up-to-date and complete. Furthermore, the Site may contain technical inaccuracies or printing errors. ems Mekorot projects does not accept responsibility for updating the Site in order to maintain up-to-date information or to ensure the accuracy or completeness of any information published thereon.

Consequently, you confirm that any information published on the Site is accurate and complete prior to making any decision whatsoever related to the issues and/or services and/or other matters of any kind described on the Site.

ems Mekorot projects does not make any representations regarding the compatibility, accessibility, accuracy, lack of viruses or other harmful components, and precision of the contents and services included on the Site for any objective whatsoever. All the contents and services are provided as is and are made available with no guarantee of any kind. ems Mekorot projects absolves itself of any guarantee or obligations regarding the aforesaid content and services.


Copyrights and Intellectual Property

ems Mekorot projects is the sole owner of all the content on the Site and all information included therein, including, but without detracting from the general nature of all of the above, the applicable patents, commercial symbols, logos and pictures appearing on the Site, copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to all of the above, or Mekorot has been provided the opportunity to use the same for the purposes of the Internet Site.

Anyone using the information and content on the Site does so exclusively under his own responsibility and is subject to the instructions on this Site.

The Site intends to provide information about ems Mekorot projects and the company’s operations, information about the water economy in Israel in general, business services and more. The Site and its contents are intended for personal and non-commercial use for the purpose of obtaining information.

Apart from your own personal use, you are not permitted to copy, change, distribute, broadcast, present, publish or store the content of this Site and any other content obtained via it, partially or in full, temporarily or permanently without  ems Mekorot’s projects prior written consent.

According to copyright laws in force in the State of Israel, the copyright for the information on this Site belongs to ems Mekorot projects. This copyright applies, among others, to the text, pictures, diagrams, maps, music clips, video clips, graphics and any other software application integrated into the Site (hereafter: “the protected material”), unless it is specifically determined that the copyright to the protected material belongs to a different entity.

The user may make “fair use” of the protected material in accordance with the rules stipulated by law. Fair use includes reasonable quotes from the protected material. The person making use of such quotes must cite the source of the quote, whether it is ems Mekorot projects or someone else. The user may not distort, blemish or make any other changes in the protected material, or engage in any other action that may be construed as reducing the value of the protected material, which might offend the honor of, or besmirch the reputation of the holder of the copyright to it.


Responsibility for Damages

ems Mekorot projects will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, financial or otherwise, that may be incurred as a result of using the Site, relying on the information appearing in it or in external sites to which it links, including even in cases where ems Mekorot projects has received information regarding the possibility of damages being incurred.

Site users shall have no claim and/or demand and/or complaints against the Site and/or against ems Mekorot projects, including its employees and representatives, and/or the team of writers, editors, consultants and those involved in editing it.ems Mekorot projects is not responsible for any content sent and/or included on the Site by any third party whosoever.

Once a user enters the Site, he/she consents that ems Mekorot projects does not bear responsibility or any obligation for any threatening, defamatory, crude, offensive or illegal content or behavior by any other party, or for any violation of the rights of a third party, including the intellectual property rights.


Information Security

The Site’s owners use information security systems on the Site, and on the subsystems integrated into the Site (suppliers and tenders) in accordance with the terms of usage that appears in these systems. However, there is a risk of infiltration of ems Mekorot projects systems, disclosure of information and disruptions and disturbances in the functioning of the systems that serve the Site. It is hereby clarified that such infiltration constitutes a criminal offense. The user agrees not to take any action intended to illegally infiltrate ems Mekorot projects computers and/or to infiltrate the security systems protecting the information on the Site or to assist such efforts. Mekorot shall be absolved of any responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of such infiltration, including the transfer of information to any third party whatsoever, the distortion thereof and the like.

ems Mekorot projects is not responsible for any damage incurred by a visitor to the site as a result of his visiting the Site or as a result of downloading material, data or information from the Site.



The Site features links to other sites and they are provided to the surfer as an information service. These links may be revised periodically at the discretion of ems Mekorot projects. The links on this Site and to other sites shall not be understood as an expression of support, or of specific or implied sponsorship by ems Mekorot projects for those same or other sites. A user who leaves the Site for another site does so solely of his/her own volition. The material on these other sites has not been checked, verified or developed by Mekorot; it should be noted that the information found on the linked sites is the exclusive responsibility of the owners of the linked sites.



ems Mekorot projects agrees to use the information you provide as part of the process of entering the Site in accordance with the regulations of the law including the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. And you give your consent for this usage.

Unless you notified ems Mekorot projects otherwise, ems Mekorot projects will be permitted to occasionally send you information via email. ems Mekorot projects shall be entitled to use the information you supply on the Site and the information gathered about your usage habits on the Site in order to improve the services it offers, to contact you (in the event necessary) or for the purpose of analyzing and relaying statistical information to third parties. This information will not identify you specifically.

The law applying to the use of the Site and services, including these conditions, is an Israeli law only. The sole judicial authority for any dispute relating to the Site and/or the services and/or their use and/or anything related to them, lies solely and exclusively with the authorized court in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


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