Mobile Ultrafiltration System

Natural disasters and emergencies may damage water sources and the water supply grid, disrupting water supply.

EMS has designed the Granite 1 mobile water system exactly for these situations.

The system produces 120 m3/ day palatable drinking water - One system is sufficient to serve 6,000 people (in emergencies)

All system components are trailer mounted. System weight allows hauling by a pickup truck.


Water treatment is performed by Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes - a technology that ensures removal of particles (suspended & colloidal) and microorganisms.

UF - A membrane separation process, wherein an applied pressure forces liquid to pass through a semipermeable membrane.   

The membrane is perforated with 0.02 micron pores.

UF filtration is a barrier for particles (suspended and colloidal), bacteria and virus.

Constant permeate quality - regardless of feed water quality.

During the filtration cycle, removed particles accumulate on membrane surface (and inside the pores). Particles are removed by a short, periodic backwash.

Membrane structure - hollow fiber.


System is equipped with:

·         Diesel generator - allowing operation when electricity is not available

·         Ultrafiltration (UF).

·         Self priming feed pump - Allows raw water pumping from open source (river / lake) or directly from water distribution pipeline.

·         Flow control valve with electric actuator, for maintaining a constant feed flow.

·         Feed prefiltration with automatic self cleaning filter - designed to protect membranes against damage from coarse particles.   

·         Backwash system.

·         Product chlorination system.


System designed for quick set up and operation and fully automatic operation

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